Patient Protection


Due to increased public awareness of various health related issues and the desire to reap the benefits of good dental health and cosmetics, everyone is concerned with proper sterilization techniques. Please be assured that our practice is above standard and 100% compliant with all OSHA regulations. All reusable instruments are first scrubbed clean with antimicrobial soap, then cold sterilized, bagged, and autoclaved or undergo a dry heat process to insure complete sterilization. Anything that can be covered in plastic is, and our instrument trays are double wrapped. Gloves are always worn, and eyeglasses, masks, and gowns are worn when necessary. Even our chairs are sterilized between patient visits. While our main concern is with your dental health, we are always sensitive to your overall health needs, so we take extra precautions with any procedure we know you may be apprehensive about.

Digital X-Rays

We are proud to be one of the orthodontic practices in the country to use new digital x-ray technology. Digital technology drastically reduces patient radiation while providing images of high diagnostic imaging quality that are more consistent than those produced by traditional x-ray film.